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You've come light-years with it cosmetically. Good show!

The main light switch is reliable, uber-funky and expensive at over $200. The mounting tabs are quaint and do break if you're not careful. I've had my board out 4-5 times the last 39 years and I fear that the tabs may go south the next time-- I'm looking at fabricating some sort of bolt-on adapter for the board.

Look at Duane Ausherman's website-- it is /2 related, but has many /5 items of interest. Like the switch board care&feeding.

You've got a few wiring issues to be sorted out. Nothing major, just tedious. If the main harness is in sad shape, you might want to consider replacing it. At a current price of $70-ish it's a bargain and a candidate for a big price jump.

Otherwise, keep chipping away-- there's a motorcycle in there. And keep posting...

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