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RedBud, nice bike! How do you like the fairing? A local guy was selling a white Windjammer fairing for $60 that he took off of a R100R, but I decided not to buy it. I thought it would look like a scoop of vanilla ice cream floating in a cup of grape soda. Besides, I have the little S type fairing which does a pretty good job of keeping me out of the wind. However, I might think differently now that the cooler weather is here.
Be on the look out for a Hannigan. Bill Harris posted a picture of his bike with the newly installed Hannigan in your thread, post #16. These are still in production and they show up used. There are two versions of the Hannigan normally seen. The ST, which Bill has, more common, and the smaller one, forget the name.

Try to get one as complete as possible. But parts for them are available.
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