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What you are dealing with is what is current code and what is safe. Most of this is common sense. Like no compressor while using the washer, (overload) but it is pretty safe to use the outlet in the garage when the washer is not in use. (except for the aluminum wire)

Also, you should Google "Aluminum/copper wire pigtail" there is more to it than just a good tightening of the screw. This is a critical safety item. Our area requires "certified" electricians perform this upgrade to the whole house.

Maybe a little study on what a GFCI does vs what grounding is too .

Originally Posted by LuciferMutt View Post
RE#1: Is it safe to have two outlets running on a 20 amp circuit for the washer?Yes and NO. Utility plugs are suppose to be dedicated (ONLY) for the washer/dryer circuits. The previous homeowner did the added plug. Your ground attachment sounds acceptable. I plug my battery tender OK and occasionally my small 4 gallon air compressor (12 amp draw) into this oulet (the one in the garage), though I can move the air compressor. NO NO when washer is being used.

RE#2: Am I to assume that the outlet in the garage was home owner installed?Yes It's not at the usuall floor level and the box was badly mounted with a crooked nail. Also, why a 15 amp recepticle on this 20 amp circuit? Should both be 20 amp outlets? Not necessary.. Look up NEMA configurations. As long as you de-rate to 15 you're ok.(assuming, by question 1 it is safe to do so) I also assume, since I'm using the correct rated recepticles, it is safe for both aluminum and copper wiring to be attached to the same recepticle on their own respective screws? No, See pigtailing.

RE#3: WTF is with this ground? ANd lastly, is the washer supposed to have a GFIC plug instead of the regular 20 amp I used?
GFCI's have to be used in certain locations by code. Garages, outdoors, kitchens, bathrooms, and utility rooms are required GFCI locations. To my knowledge the dedicated washer outlet does not have to be GFCI .(I don't keep up on current code though) but a utility sink next to the washer has to be GFCI.. Make sure you have a good ground on the washer though. The garage outlet that was installed is supposed to be GFCI.
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