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I take off at 6:50AM, fuel up and head to the expressway. I do this regularly on the bike but itís earlier than normal and loaded down. A bit of caution getting through downtown Tulsa and now weíre really on the trip. The GPS is off because the battery doesnít last long without the USB power. I had the first couple turns in the GPS and then planned on using it to check that I wasnít on any dead end roads or going the wrong way. About here is where I realized that I didnít double check the turnoff so letís just turn here and see where we end up. I ended up on the dead end at Zink Ranch with gravel going west.

I turned the GPS on and saw it went up to hwy 20 so thatís good enough. Turn off the GPS, head down gravel pushing 40mph, cross a cattle guard, see some ďevidenceĒ of cattle on the road and finally get to a blacktop road. This road seems nice until I cross another cattle guard and the pavement runs out. A few more miles of gravel then turn onto the highway heading west.

Itís a beautiful morning with the sun coming up behind me. Itís a cool/cloudy day and thereís very little traffic. These roads are 65mph speed limits and Iím doing at least that. I come around the corner and thereís several quail just walking across the highway. I wait for them to move and they wait until the last second to fly. I instinctively duck but the closest one is 20 feet away. I laugh at being stupid and relax back into the groove. I stop and take pictures of a couple murals the next couple towns just to test out the camera in the tank bag and taking shots with my gloves on. I just flip up my visor and take some shots with the gloves on. This will work and I took a lot of shots sitting on the bike and back on the road in a flash.

It was pretty uneventful other than waiting to fuel up on the other side of town and then finding the station closed. I kept going and found the next town was unincorporated. They have a motorcycle shop but no gas station. I may find out exactly how far I can get out of this tank. I see a water tower off to the west and wonder how far over it really was and is there actually a town over there? I decide to stay on this road and hope thereís another town (and that it has an open gas station). At 188 miles on the trip meter, I found the gas station.
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