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I notice some reflections on the edge of my visor that I thought was sun reflecting on bug splatters. Thereís sun to the west but itís dark overhead and to the north. Itís only a couple drops. I come around a curve and see one lane road for road construction. I turn off the bike, put the kickstand down, get off, stretch and take some pictures. Finally the pilot car comes over the hill and we can get through the couple miles of construction. We get to the other side and I see dry spots under the cars and wet pavement all around. It starts sprinkling and I think about pulling over to put on rain gear about the time it lets up. A minute later itís even heavier and Iím starting to get wet. It lets up just as Iím looking for a spot to pull over. One more time but light this time and then the clouds lighten up as I see Philipsburg, KS in the distance.

I pull into a gas station on the corner as I get into town. I pull out the credit card and notice that thereís no reader. Fine, I can take a couple more minutes here. I fuel up and go inside to pay. The middle aged Asian lady asked me if I got rained on. I told her that it was lightly raining a few miles to the south and she told me how she rides with her husband on his motorcycle. Then she asked where I was heading. I told her that I was heading for Alma, NE for the evening. She asked, ďYou stay at Super 8?Ē. ĒNo, Iím staying out at the lake. I have my tent with meĒ. Her, ďOh, too cold for camping with motorcycleĒ. I thanked her and she told me to have a good ride.

I had option of turning north here or head into the dark clouds ahead. I really wanted to see the next leg so I pressed on and ran into some more brief light rain. I decided to stop to take a picture of this house Iíve been by a bunch of times growing up. I pulled into the drive of the field and took some shots. I almost drop the bike trying to get it out of the field. Hop back on the highway and find some fun sweepers through the hills coming into Almena, KS.

We finally get back to the road that started it all. I gave the throttle a good twist and threw some gravel on it for old timeís sake before the sprinkles got too much heavier.

Long Island, KS. I went to JR High here. Our track coach made us run over 3 miles every day and lift weights twice a week before we did anything else. I talked to some kids in other HighSchools and they didnít do that much. No wonder Northern Valley went to State year after year.

Dale S.
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