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Orleans, NE. We took swimming lessons here growing up. I used to live at the pool during the summer. Ride 10 miles on my bicycle, swim, play basketball during breaks, stop at my cousinís house on the way home, play more basketball and finish riding home. No wonder I used to be in great shape. Need to get a little of that back.

This old stone house was on my great grandparentís land. I spent nearly every day riding here with my cousin in the pasture behind it. Weíd see something that looked like it was too much to tackle. The sun would set and weíd almost always be right back there trying it in the dark/semi-dark by headlight.

What kind of animal leaves these tracks in the soft sand? I had to pull up a ways to find a place that the kickstand didnít immediately sink in.

The booming town of Stamford, NE (pop 200-ish). No matter where we moved around growing up, we always called this home and tried to find a way to get back closer.

I donít remember seeing this before even though itís right on the end of the main street. Iím sure I have but donít recall noticing until now. Crazy

My grandfather bought this garage and Ernie (the mechanic that ran it) lived in the apartment upstairs rent free as long as he did all of my grandfatherís maintenance. I think Ernie got the short end of this because grandpa didnít touch anything. ďTake it down to Ernieís, heíll take care of itĒ. Iím glad someone bought it and fixed it up. I always thought it had potential to be one of those cool garages you see at or someplace like that.

Dale S.
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