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I went on down the road to Beaver City to visit my aunt. Itís been several years since Iíve been up that direction so I stay and talk with her for a couple hours. Then I head outside of town to stop by my fatherís grave. He passed away a couple months before I turned 20. I realized that our relationship had changed after I got a job and moved out. I miss him more these days now that I have my own kids. I finally understand a lot of what he said and did now that Iíve been there. I wish my kids could have known him more than a handful of stories told about him (I need to tell them more of the stories). I wondered what he would have thought and said about this trip Iím on. It was good to come out and get some perspective.

I ate my first bacon cheeseburger at this place when I was 18 (yeah, I know). It was green and called the Derby Cafe then. Iím across the street at the last fuel stop for this trip. I make a call to my mother to let her know when Iíd be in town so she can meet me and send some texts to let them know what the schedule is since Iím heading direct on the last leg of the trip.

More two lane roads with combines and trucks out in the fields. The crazy weather has people cutting corn for silage, picking corn, picking soybeans, drilling winter wheat and it looks like the milo still isnít ready yet (I know I lost the non-farmers but just know itís crazy). I did a stretch on I80 (where 80 isnít just the name, itís the minimum speed) where I had enough wind blast and truck turbulence to tide me over for a while. I pulled off the interstate and checked my phone for texts before turning onto the highway. A minivan with an SLR camera, telephoto lens and lens hood suction cupped to the hood passed by me. Makes me wonder what other people are out on trips today too.
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