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I pull into my friend’s work. He comes out and tells me that his son was at work but is on his way. We go inside and fill out the paperwork to get the title and bill of sale out of the way. His son shows up and we start going over all the details on the bike (upgrades, issues, stories, etc.). I start pulling out all the camping gear and motorcycle gear and setting it on the sidewalk. They couldn’t believe how much stuff was actually on the bike. I just wanted my camping gear and motorcycle off the bike and the rest is going to him (luggage, GPS, camera ‘not the SLR’, air pump, etc.).

I called my mother to see how far out she was since we were mostly wrapped up. “Uh, just left town” (it’s 1.5 hours away). This is pretty typical for my mother (my brother and sister can vouch for this) and I wasn’t too surprised. We used to tell her something was a half hour earlier than it really was and we’d be 5 minutes early or sometimes right on time.

He’s standing around listening to his father and I talk. I look over at him and say “Why don’t you take your bike out for a spin?”. I found out that he works at a motorcycle shop in town and he was the only employee without a bike. They told him that he could take a bike home for lunch if he’d get his license. That’s what started the MSF course and license in the first place. It was 5 minutes to closing and he wanted to go show it off. He was off like a shot. The bike was leaned over and he had good form taking off around the corner. He’ll be fine.

I took my mother out to a local steak house and we drove back to her house. The next morning was a stop at McDonald’s for breakfast and interstates/turnpikes for a few hours. Not much to say or see about this part of the trip.

Here’s the empty spot. Much better empty spot than when it was stolen 19 months ago. My son’s bicycle is currently parked here.

Here’s the route (minus a bit of running around). Click to open in Google Maps.

His father posted this on Instagram today. Glad to see the smile is still stuck on there. He took out for a couple spins before I left town and the smile kept getting bigger.

Dale S.
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