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You guys are great. Thanx alot. I will make up some pieces and test it. I thing I even have a 0-30 psi gauge that is good from an old pool filter that I can use to watch the pressure leak down.

As to the exhaust, I don't think I was clear on my explanation of it. The exhaust maifold is on, then the header cone is on where it necks down. What I have disconnected is the last portion of it, the water box and the rubber neck out of the hull. All of the required back pressure is there to run properly, many of us run no waterbox at all but my buddy wants it a bit quieter so I installed a nice all aluminum waterbox but because of all of the adjustments I am having to try with the timing and pulling the flywheel on and off I have the front of the the engine compartment empty. The manifold, the 180* header, and the long cone is all on the ski currently.

For an initial leak down test I could make a small plate over the carb inlet and use a plug in the exhaust cone and pump up both sides at once to see if the leak is in the cases or seal...correct?

Then if that does not prove helpful I would need to make a plate that would isolate the cylinders individually to tell if it is the center seal passing between the sides...correct?

Thanks for all of the help even though this is not a motorcycle the same principles apply to snowmobiles and yami RZ350, and Banshee style motors so the help is MUCH helpful and useful, thanks for your time folks...I owe you a beer. Ever near Elsinore CA shout out, I am up for a ride and a beer.
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