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A little off topic...When I sold my last house last fall, I had aluminum wiring and I had to have a electrician come in and pigtail copper terminals onto every single freaking outlet, switch and fixture in the house. Then had to have the provincial electrical inspector sign off on the work. This was a few days before closing.....I learned a lot about wiring in a short time!

The electrician found one terminal in the whole house that showed any sign of burning and that was the single outlet in the garage where I ran power tools.

Cost under $1000.00 but the buyer's bank would not approve their financing unless it was signed off by the Electrical inspector. The rules had changed since I originally bought it.

The Electrical inspector told me that you're better off having him come in to inspect a house before purchase rather than a regular home inspector.

I would get an electrician to come in and inspect it.
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