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Howdy All,

Day eleven of the rideabout, would take us from Tib to Camerons Corner.

The morning broke with a clear sky, the air brisk, we loaded our gear and prepared to leave.

Packed up, fueled up, we are ready to roll.

This would be one of the shorter days in the saddle, as the sign shows at this junction we were 79 klicks from Tib with only 60 to go before reaching Camerons Corner.

Today I would see many Emu's sometimes as many as flocks of 8-10 birds in a group. It was hard to get a good photo of them as they didn't come close to the road.

New South Wales, the signs were numerous in places.

Information about the Park and the surrounding area.

I approach the Dingo gate.

Pass through the gate.

And close it behind me.

Crossing into South Australia.

I get to Cameron Corner before Jock and Zac, I visit with some other riders and wait for my mates to appear.

Inside the pub, I see this article about Jock, Jock is a pretty well known guy and knows personally many of the folks who run the pubs we have visited, these folks he has known for years.

Jock and Zac arrive, we share the first of a few meals and many beers.

Whilst Jock and Zac rode through the Park, I replaced the worn out spare tire with the new one I had been carrying, a small wire spool made the perfect work bench for such a job.

I use some hand soap to ease the new tire onto the rim.

I take this opportunity to do some maintenance on the rig, to include cleaning the dirty air filter.

After Jock and Zac return, Jock goes for a ride on the Ural.

Zac also takes the Ural for a spin.

Just before sundown, I notice that the tire on the rear of the rig is low, I pull it off to find a slow leak from something that had worked its way into and then out of the tire. I pull the tire and repair the tube.

The evening would find me getting an early start at sleeping whilst Jock and Zac drank beer well into the wee hours.

Day twelve of the rideabout, did NOT start well............ upon getting ready to leave, I find that the tire-tube I had repaired was FLAT So I replace the worn now flat tire with the spare wheel on which the day before I had installed the new tire. I would replace the tube in the older tire at my next opportunity.

We gas up and get ready to start a LONG day of riding on our way to Toompine.

Another middle of nowhere gas stop.

It was shortly after refueling that the Ural stated to run quite badly, at first I thought it was dirty air filter, so I pulled it out and checked it, the filter was clean.

While working on the rig we were passed by this truck, LOTS of dust was kicked up even though the truck was going rather slowly.

After reinstalling the air filter, we continued on, the Ural running worse and worse as each mile passed by. I thought I knew what the problem was but I couldn't work on it until we ran the tank out of gas. We didn't have anything to use to drain the gas tank on the rig into the spare can, we needed EVERY drop of fuel to get to the next station so we couldn't just drain the gas on the ground. I had noticed that the paint used to coat the filler neck area of the gas tank had started to bubble over the last couple of days, this is a known problem in the USA were the phucking ehtonal gas eats this paint and causes it to foul the filter screens in the petcock.

So we rode on, slowly but still moving, traveling down the level parts of the road in second gear, climbing the hills in first the engine struggling to run with no fuel.

I was hoping to make it to the next fueling stop but about 10 klicks from our next stop the rig ran out of fuel. Jock took the spare gas can into to town to fill it, while he was gone I pulled the petcock, this is what I found.

Using the tools that come in the rigs tool kit, I pulled the petcock, disassembled it, cleaned it, reassembled it and reinstalled it on the gas tank just in time to pour the new gas in that Jock had arrived with.

All the while I was working on the petcock I was cussing out the folks at Ural for continuing to use that paint in the filler neck as they knew it was causing problems with some types of gasoline. YES, I love the Ural and am very good friends with the folks who OWN the company but that doesn't mean that at times I don't get upset with them. As soon as I could I sent an email to Ilya telling him that this HAD to be addressed, he replied that the new gas tanks starting in the 2013 model year would have the filler neck area of the tank zinc plated and NOT painted. So we rode on, the Ural running as it had before PERFECTLY.

We fuel up at the next station-pub and have a cold drink and a meat pie before setting out on the rest of the days journey.

The road stretches before us to the far horizon.............

When we get to the next town, the main gas station is out of gas.

Jock asks around and finds out that there is another station that is closed for the day but the owner will allow us to fuel up so we can keep going to each our destination before dark.

We reach our destination, a pub just outside of Toompine. we camp in a small field near a gun club.

As luck would have it, a large group of people were at the pub and celebrating the 21st birthday of a young man. We were invited to participate in the celebration, eat our fill at a great BBQ, and drink our fill of 2 dollar beers from the pub. Needless to say we took advantage of this, ate and drank our fill. What a great ending to what had started out a bad day especially when the darn petcock was fouled. Stay tuned the sag will continue.
Dave, aka "Mr. Cob"

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