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Originally Posted by sebastianhammer View Post
Been riding a '77 R100/7 all summer, after a 2 year build from a basket case... so I have touched just about every single component and made most of the mistakes.. feel free to PM me if you need pictures, input, or sympathy. We don't always feel like sharing our woes with the world. :
Thanks for the offer, and thanks for checking in Matt.

You guys reminded me that I've been negligent in updating this thread.

In the last two months, I've gotten the cylinders, pipes, and mufflers reinstalled, the oil filter figured out, and changed all fluids. Using a makeshift tank, we got the engine running and went through all the gears. Everything seemed to work o.k., but I wont' really know until I get it on the road. I also just completely rebuilt the front forks.

The tank was completely shot once sand blasted, and I managed to locate a /7 tank (and matching front/rear fender!) in FL and just received it. The paint is beat up, but other than that it looks to be in good shape. Eventually it will be resealed and repainted.

I'm in the process of rebuilding the front caliper and undertank master cylinder, and then reinstalling the front brakes. I sandblasted and repainted the battery bracket and master cylinder, and I primed/repainted the frame under the master cylinder because it was pretty nasty from old brake fluid being on it.

Within a few weeks, this bike might actually be on the road! Not for long though because it really needs new rubber.

After the new tires and resealed tank, next will probably be wheel bearings and maybe new spokes since they're a bit rusty. After that, move onto clutch and transmission inspections, lubrication, and parts replacement, and eventually inspect / replace the steering bearings.
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