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Jetting info

Here is Sudco's jetting page where you can find the info you're looking for:

It does list leaner to richer for the individual components.

How does it run with the needle in the leanest position ?
How do the plugs look ?
Where do you spend most of your time ? Get your mind out of the gutter, I mean in terms of throttle position.
How much time do you actually spend at full throttle ?
How do the plugs look ?

Get a piece of tape, stick it on the throttle housing and mark where zero, half and full throttle are.
Ride the bike and spend time at each throttle setting, evaluating how it runs. Does it feel rich at half throttle ? Full throttle ? etc.
Have you done a plug chop ?
I know, lots of questions but unless you have somebody else's known specs you'll have to find your own.

I am getting 40mpg on my R100 with VM38s and a 210 mainjet in mixed riding. That means I spent most of my time between 1/4 and 3/4 throttle.
Start by dropping your needles, evaluate what happens, look at the Mikuni charts and let us know what happens.
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