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Originally Posted by hardwaregrrl View Post
So, these carbs are pissing me off. I'm returning 27mpg, not riding the bike much differently. I've been told mikuni doesn't list rich to lean on jet needles, and my needle jet is a Q2, theyre are 13 leaner needle jets. How many should I get? I cannot believe that I know people with VMs that are getting over 40mpg. Main jet is 155 now, pilot is 20 1 turn out, can't change the cutaway. What the fuck....yeah I spelled it out. I'm sick of this shit. I hate my Bings but they may be going back on. Any advice beside smart ass shit.....? I'm serious....don't poke the bear.
I feel your pain...

I am in the process of redoing my bike.

I put Mikuni 40mm Flatslides on mine back in '92.

My carbs have accelerator pumps. I turned them off because they could throw a stream of fuel about 10' literally.

I also went to bings for a while because of gas mileage.

I am however redoing mine with the 40mm Flatslides again.

I won't get into the weeds on all the details till it's done and I post a thread. But the gist of it is that IMO, you need to tune the bike with an Air Fuel Mixture gauge.

If I were you, and I know you're pretty serious about this, I would have an O2 bung welded into one of the headers. Doesn't cost much. Buy an Innovate LC-1 or something like that. I has to be a wideband O2 sensor. Need to really get a good one.

Mark your throttle grip with whiteout or something temporary at 1/4 -- 1/2 -- 3/4 -- Full throttle marks.

Then you can tune that baby perfectly. All other means will be guesses and approximations. You'll have it too lean at some points and too rich at others. IMO, you'll never get it right without doing it this way.

Then you'll be done and you'll KNOW it's right. The bike will be at it's best, and your MPG will be at it's best.

Then you can reference your thread you'll write up and sell the LC-1 at 3/4 what you paid for it and smile!

Some Forums have tool loaner programs were someone donates a tool to the round and the tool travels. This would be a good candidate for a tool loaner program.

p.s. That Sudco tuning manual is worth what they are asking for it.

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