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Originally Posted by jrsride2002 View Post
OK, so I thought this issue was solved. I blew one fuse, replace it, all done. Case closed..... So I thought...........

Ok, so the bike did fire right up when I put the new fuse in. I even drove it to the nearest car wash for a quickie clean. I got it home, and it blew another fuse. Then another, and then another.... 3 fuses in 5 minutes means their is something wrong. Where do I begin?? Then ground under the seat, above the airbox, is nice and tight. I haven't found any chafed wires/exposed wires. And its still the headlight fuse that is blowing...

More thoughts please,
You have a short someplace in the wiring that is protected by that fuse. You need to get a wiring diagram and and trace those wires till you find it. Chaffed wiring is often hard to see. It tends to be on the bottoms side of the harness bundle, tight to the frame, and dirty. It doesn't take a very big spot of bare wire to cause a short. Any place that the wiring has been tampered with is suspect. You said you replaced the headlight with an aftermarket one that has it's own wires. What happened to the stock head light connection? Is it flopping in the wind? Could it be hitting the frame and shorting out? The starter switch is in that circuit. There may be a short in it. Are there any other mods made to the electricals of the bike besides the headlight? If so could they have caused the short.

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