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Originally Posted by toro618 View Post
I don't have anything planned for transportation yet. If I can make this race happen, I have a few trailers to use. How is the trailer pitting organzied for a full sized tractor and trailer?
As far as pits are concerned there are no particular pit locations assigned by NORRA. Baja pits set up pit locations where they feel fits the needs of the bikes. You are totally on your own for where you choose to do your pitting as there are no areas set up or reserved for you to use. We chose locations where we could find a wide flat spot near the start or end of a special stage, all depending on distances and fuel used. Some times we simply "splashed" enough fuel to get near the start of the next special and then followed the car to a point near the start of the next stage where we did a more detailed "pit" before lining up for the start.

I have been in a tractor trailer going down hwy 1. I did it once and I would NEVER do it again. Waaaay too dangerous. The road is extremely narrow, it is not uncommon for trucks to slap mirrors with the trucks going in the opposite direction. Go on Google maps and look at a street view of hwy 1 (yes there is a street view of the entire length of hwy 1). You'll see that there is ZERO shoulder on the road and most of the time there is a drop at the edge of the pavement. I've been on a large number of big teams who race SCORE in Baja that use Semi's, but all of their drivers have years of experience driving in Baja. NOBODY uses a Semi for support in the NORRA event.

Note the lack of a pilot car!

30 seconds later:

The guy in the white truck was really lucky that there was this one really rare concrete shoulder right when it needed it!!

Oh and BTW, Robby uses his Dakar support truck which doesn't have a trailer and he still has problems. If he brings a trailer, it is the one that he sells Tee shirts and Speed energy drink out of at tech inspection and it goes home after tech. Here is a pic of Robby airing down to get his Dakar support truck unstuck:

"I couldn't wait for success, so I went ahead without it."
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