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Thanks guys!!! I'd like to stress this is my only bike. I do not race it every day Most of my time is spent....on the highway. Around 4800-5200 rpm, 3/4 throttle. I just(for the hell of it) took the main from 175 to 155 and It had a flat spot and ran rough. I put the 165 main in and it felt better. I agree that the pilot is too small, but that will not effect my fuel mileage. I turned in a half of turn and the bike starts fine on full choke cold. I talked to Sudco (guy wasn't that helpful) and he told me that the jet needle in the TM32 isn't listed from Mikuni rich to lean....and looking at the catalog, he's right. The only thing I can do at this time is needle jet. It came with 389-Q2 which are toward the rich end. O0 being the leanest.....and they climb in increments of 2. Plug looks good, a bit dry fouled. Needle is at the leanest position and the bike runs fine. I spend very little to no time at WFO. I am the only person that I know of that is running 32mm flatsides on an R80.

I'm heading to the swap meet at Barber Vintage tomorrow and I know I'll be able to pick up some jets, and would like to know is where to start as far as what needle jets to look for. Start in the mid P's, or all the way to O's. Here's the chart I was thinking a P2 and O2....

I cannot change the jet needle according to the guy at Sudco as they cannot tell what is lean and what is rich. The needle is obviously my problem as I do not live on my bike at WFO.......but that would be fun.

..... " I am the only person that I know of that is running 32mm flatsides on an R80".......There may be a good reason for that. VM36's or maybe even 34's would be better. Nothing wrong with flatslides, but 32's are a bit small.
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