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Originally Posted by melciu View Post
His business picked up, he increased prices (he overcharged you heavily, his entire set used to cost around $800 in the spring) but he got in trouble with the orders he received.
I'm not sure it is fair to say he "overcharged the OP. Maybe he wasn't charging enough on the panniers in the first place (which may be why he is having problems - underpriced product drives sales but doesn't leave him with any capital to re-invest to meet demand). But the OP felt he was getting value for his money at the quoted price and thus obviously didn't feel like he was getting overcharged.

Originally Posted by HolyCannoli View Post
On another note, this site has restored my faith in humanity. ANOTHER advrider, who owns, offered to GIVE me a set of bags. I can;t believe how awesome this forum is!!!!
Take him up on the offer and give him good PR in the forums.
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