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Originally Posted by VEGASGSA View Post
Do you have to use the resistor? Or, is this "in" the BMW wiring already? (in one form or another)
the wire feeding the heating is connected inside the controls. if you take off the back panel (facing front of bike) you'll see two sockets. the smallest one is the heating. ignore them if you don't need em. take off your grip gently and you'll see two wires coming out of the controls onto the handle. this is connected to a nichrome wire (resistor wire) that spirals around your handle. cheapest option is getting some nichrome wire and replacing it.

or just connect the heating elements to the out coming wire with some crimps.

the wire coming out is short though. so make sure you get it in one go.

I didn't and had to open up the control unit to fiddle with the wiring so that my throttle wouldn't lock up :)

to answer your question: no, you don't need any resistors. no room for them anyway
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