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Originally Posted by It'sNotTheBike View Post
Maybe some of you who seem to believe the voltage regulator from
Rick's is a good part just don't know any better.

Well, I DO know better.

I bought a regulator from Rick's and I can say with authority that it is cheaply made
substandard crap, and almost certainly it was sourced in China, though conveniently
enough there is no label or imprint which would indicate the country in which
the regulator was manufactured ( perhaps they know they have something to be ashamed
of, like selling drywall made from industrial waste or selling pet food with enough melamine
in it to cause kidney failure of pets people loved dearly. China is a good example of
what happens when morals and ethics take a back seat to the desire to make money. Sadly,
there are some Americans who are only too happy to help the Chinese play this shabby little
game ).

Here is a dose of reality about the voltage regulator from Rick's Motorsport Electrics :

1) the wiring in the regulator is aluminum, not copper. The wiring is also undersized
compared to the OEM wiring, and when the wiring is aluminum that is much worse
than if it was made of copper.

2) the ring terminals which are meant to attach to the battery terminals are undersized
and are made of thin metal which is plated but which is not copper. It's cheesy
stuff, like you'd expect on a toy, but not on a motorcycle you spent a lot
of money to buy and want to maintain properly.

3) best ( worst ) of all, the regulator was defective out of the box. Wow, who doesn't want
to waste time on parts that don't work, that's much better than being able to ride, right ?

If you want to believe the voltage regulator sold by Rick's is as good as an OEM
Japanese Shindingen, you are free to do so, but it is FAR from the equivalent quality. The
internet has given rise to companies which will sell cheap crap to make a buck, but we who
participate on these forums can help each other by making such things known.

I'd be ashamed to sell crap like the regulator I received from Rick's. I have no hidden
agenda, nor do I have any affiliation with any company which makes or sells motorcycle
parts. I just detest cheap crap which a seller claims to be good equipment, and I detest
such sellers too.

You are all free to spend your money as you see fit. I will never do business
with Rick's again, because I see them for what they are, which is a reseller of poor
quality parts for which they charge premium prices.

I hope this post can save someone else from the hassle and wasted time I
have experienced.

Can't say I am very surprised. I have been recommending the Shindengen MOSFETs for a while now as they have a spotless track record. Yet people are buying from Rick's at a more expensive price, with a worse connector on it for one, and apparently other trade-offs as you now mention. Let's see if there will be more failures of them showing up.
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