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Ok we did it!

in some way... Have to say the idea/concept was/is brilliant. The organisation was a bit down on the roadbook side, too many mistakes on the first days, too many different kinds of roadbook (but always on A4 sheets to cut and paste ), bivouacs often without showers and finally the weather didn't really help! But on the whole the thing worked out and most of the participants (around 40 4x4 and 40 motorbikes) had great fun. Me not very much as I fell down on the second day (bad tyres choice ), my ribs were/are a bit "annoying" but after a couple of days where I did the turist, I was still able to enjoy myself
Both orga and the other competitors were friendly and after my little accident I was very well medicated. There were 3 medical jeep along the rally and of course we were in France not in Sahara!

I'd like to share some photos

starting a Rally just aside the Tour Eiffel... no price

here I go

we had some fun on the first day

this is real deal, XTZ660R, just 15 made

anyway my Rally almost ended here, still can't believe it but my rear Mefo StoneMaster suddenly
abandoned me while crossing these furrows

I coudn't breath for a couple of minutes after hitting the ground. Luckily the medical team first
and x-rays shortly after confirmed no broken bones. So next couple of days just liason crossing
nice France landscapes and towns

Last few days I was able to do some offroad again, very nice trails not too difficult for an aged bike and an aged rider!

and finally it was over, after 8 days riding under any kind of weather and around 2000 km on any kind of roads

here the "Africans"

and here below the Ténéré people

It looks ther will be a second edtion, check the rally website in the next months
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