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Originally Posted by WitchKing View Post
Aha! After taking off the side cover, I found the nut to hold the rotor missing. Ordered a new one, put it on, kick, no spark. Disconnected both wires for the kill switch, still nothing. So next is the points. Anybody know the correct gap?

Ok wait. The stator is screwed onto the engine case, it holds the three primary coils and the points. The flywheel (or rotor) is held onto the crankshaft via a single nut. I'm guessing you mean the nut for the flywheel was loose. Was the flywheel loose? If so, you may have sheered the flywheel key. The flywheel needs to be "clocked" to a particular position by that key. You should need a flywheel puller to get the flywheel off to access the points. Did you change the condenser? You can use a condenser off of just about anything.
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