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Thanks for the reply. 1982 R100RS. It seems the timing was out quite a bit. But I am not sure its spot on now. Marks on the fly wheel are from the bottom upwards “---“, “S” and ”01” and about 2 inches on there is a “Z”. Note this is an electronic system (no point). Battled to start the bike once it was started we checked the timing with the strobe light which was showing the “Z” mark in line with the crank mark. Loosened and adjusted the bean can clockwise and got the “---” about 3mm above the casing mark, I had to fully rotate the bean can all the way clockwise so it could not go any more to get the “---“ close to the casing mark. When the bike was revved up to 3500 rpm we couldn’t see the “Z” mark but the “---” mark just moved up just a bit. I must say that it idled much better. It started this morning with a touch of the button. I actually couldn’t believe how easy it was.

I am just wondering if this is correct or ”good enough”. My thoughts are that the advance springs (if any) are a bit seized so that there is not a big difference when revving up the motor.
The other though was just like one replaces the distributor on the car and you got to slot it in exactly right to get an equal amount of movement either way on the distributor. Is it possible to remove the bean can and rotate it slightly anti clockwise to centralize it better and replace it without too much difficulty?
I hope this makes sense
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