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Day 4: Denver - Longmont, CO

Day Four:
May 24, 2012
Denver, CO – Longmont, CO: 40mi

After riding 1700 miles in three days it was nice to have a day with a friend to relax and run errands. First thing I did in the morning was search for motorcycle stores and went to Performance Cycle shop where I found Gerbing heated gloves to plug into the bike. The man there assured me they were waterproof but anyone that wears “waterproof” gear long enough knows nothing is really waterproof when fully tested in extreme elements.

I bought a cheap pair of rubber outer gloves for extra protection since the dish washing gloves I was carrying wouldn’t fit on top of them. That was another tip from an ADV inmate. It’s a great cheap way to waterproof your gloves but finding a pair large enough to fit over your leather ones is the hard part. Not to mention, pulling rubber over slightly damp leather is like trying to put on a wet bathing suit that’s too small. So I made sure the new ones I got were plenty big.

With a concern of running out of gas as I headed to more remote areas, I got a tip from a friend that an easy way to carry extra fuel is in a steel water canister. So after purchasing my fancy new gloves I rolled over to the gigantic, enormous, famous REI of Denver with three floors! Being the gear junkie that I am it was an adventurer’s paradise. I think I was in there for three hours but managed to only walk out with some smartwool socks and gel padded biker shorts for my bruised sit bones

After talking with some people there they convinced me putting gasoline in a canister made for water may not be a good idea as the fuel will probably be corrosive to the plastic lid. Last thing I wanted was fuel leaking all over the bike and riding down the highway like a rocket on fire.

I remembered both TooTallRacing and LongTallSally telling me about RotoPax, an awesome fuel container designed to be packed on a bike. I called LongTallSally knowing he was still in Denver and got him to meet me at the REI to help me go on a RotoPax hunt. We searched around and finally found a little store south of the city which was in the middle of nowhere. I bought a two gallon jug and we headed back to the house to figure out how to pack it on the bike. It fit just perfectly on top of my pack with a couple bungee cords.

With my errands complete I was anxious to get back on the road and make a few miles. I had a couple old friends to visit in Longmont and headed there for the night after saying my goodbyes in Denver. It was a beautiful day and I got my first sight of the Rockies. There’s something about seeing snow covered mountains peaking into blue sky that always touches my soul. This was not Kansas anymore. I was in high spirits thinking I was going to follow those mountains all the way to Alaska.

When I met my friends in Longmont we went into Boulder and found a nice pub. I had a juicy steak with some local beer and slept like a rock.

Plan: Follow the mountains to Fort Collins tomorrow to meet my cousin.
May the road rise up to meet you
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