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F 8 engine noise/engine oil

At first service I told the BMW guys that the engine makes a knocking sound when hot. Well, you can also feel it and if you pull the clutch it gets better but does not disappear. At second service (5500 k's) I told them the same and I also said that I just mention it so that it is on file in case seomthing goes wrong. Again they told me it is normal.

Last week I was offroad riding and it was quite warm (25 C) and I was very slow due to difficult terrain (dropped her twice ) and the fan was almost permanently on. When I stopped the engine was rattling as if there was a bag with nuts in it. Really a strange sound which disappeared as soon as the oiltemperature dropped.
I am a bit worried as warranty will be over soon. The BMW guys insisted on filling 10/40 oil when I asked for 10/60 which is remarkably thicker when hot. The engine still runs fine and pulls great and the noise is ok as long as the oil is not really hot.
I'd like to put 10/60 oil in as this almost cured the knocking noises the clutch made on my former Yam FZS 1000.

Any comments?

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