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... Relationships never favor those who care the most and morality prevents me from caring the least. So I'm pretty much fucked.
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... Our lives can be spent carrying out actions that we hope will lead us to a greater sense of purpose, acoomplishment and meaning, but all these are secondary to the need to feel alive. And when we pursue the activities that make us truly feel alive, we discover the places and people and things we always had wished existed--people and places and things that have always been there--waiting patiently for our arrival.
Just wanted to let you know that both of these really struck a cord with me. Do you have a book by Joseph Campbell that you'd suggest? First time I've heard of him and it sounds like something I'd enjoy reading.

Your RR is amazing. Great balance of stories, food, people, and philosophy/deep thinking. And a really sexy bike to top it off.
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