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An idea taken from PowerCell in this post though I had done something similar with TE610 tapping and threading the EFI plate. I've had two of the KTM/Husky style petcocks fail now, and I hate not having an easy quick release that stops the fuel flow. I mean I really hate having to deal with gas pouring out, so while this is overkill it's also damn convenient.

I took off one petcock and took some measurements and drew this up. Everything is in mm.

I might adjust the 34.5mm to be a touch wider, and I did adjust the o-ring depth to 1.2mm. The test prototype with the stock o-ring and a plug has been holding fuel just fine.

The part I ordered to work for this was from quick couplings LCD10004V - 1/4 NPT Valved Coupling Body w/ Viton seal and the matching part quick coupling LCD23004V - 1/4 Hose Barb Valved Elbow Coupling Insert w/Viton seals and they had the best prices I found anywhere. To give you an idea, fast by feracci sells the same parts for $29 each......

These are what I came up with using some aluminum and borrowing a friends older mill with homebrew DRO, and small lathe.

The parts

Putting one together, wouldn't want to do it while on the tank so I lugged it down with drywall screws to the benchtop.

Installed right side. It's tight but I'll likely reroute the fuel line later. There's about two inches to the header.

Installed left side. I tried it without the street 90 first and I feel it's just too exposed and could take a hit with a left side tipover/crash. Added the 90 and every thing looks good. Again, I'll likely reroute the fuel line and or change the 90 half of the quick connect to a straight. On that note I had thought to do the same with the neduro auxiliary tank and it will hang too low and be exposed so I'll skip it. It's not like you actually need to do anything with that fuel line. There's a 2 in1 out petcock available from honda for $33 that will allow for selecting which tank being used on order so the quick release isn't really needed there.

In either case if the fuel like seems like it is too close to the header I'll get some Fuel Line Heat Shield

And since I was doing this with the SE I went ahead and did the same thing for the crossovers on the TE610.

While I had the tank off I had been meaning to change out the carb cap screws. Last time I had set the needle a couple stripped out so I put these in.

Between the CPR air filter and the quick connects for the fuel, stripping down the SE for jetting or valves is quick and painless now.
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