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Originally Posted by Walterxr650l View Post
Now I will assume that the short is in the headlight side. Every time you turn on the key you blow a fuse, or most of the time you blow a fuse. The headlight is powered by a wire from the fuse to the starter switch. From the starter switch it goes to the headlight dimmer switch, where it splits to high or low beam depending on the switch position. You aren't using the headlight anyway so unplug it where it exits the starter switch. Did that fix it? Yes well you aren't using that part so just leave it unplugged. No Well the next step is to unplug the starter switch. Still blowing the fuse? No then the starter switch is the problem. Yes, then the short is in the wire between the switch and the fuse. Are there any joints/connections in that wire. I suspect there is one under the seat. If so keep working back till you isolate what section of wire the short is in.

I suspect that you will find the problem is in the starter switch, but unless you like wasting money replacing good parts you need to prove it.

hope this helps
Holy crap..... Walter... I love you.... I never could think of it that way... DUUDDEE Im like so high on intellectualness that I cant even see straight.... Wooaahh

Thanks for the help! It does happen with the key, not the button/switch
To tired tonight, but will work on it tomorrow.
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