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Originally Posted by Kai Ju View Post
I'm running VM38s on my '77 R100/7 which is stock down to the stock clamshell airbox and elbows.
Your Q5 sounds like it's way too rich.
Here is what I'm running:

Description Spec
Main Jet 210
Pilot Jet 25
Needle Jet 166 P-8
Jet Needle 6DH3
Slide Cut Away 2
Main Air Jet 0.5
Needle Valve Ass'y 3.3

The engine pulls really strong throughout the revrange, It's a little cold blooded and I'm thinking going up a bit on the pilots to take care of that.
Mixed surface streets and freeway I get 40 mpg which is up from the 35 mpg I got with the Bings.
WELL...running too rich? that’s what I thought...I just got back from a 430km or 267M run at highway speed approx. 120km/h or 70 -75 mph. I calculated my fuel consumption to be about 47M to the us mpg running on Aussie 95 octane fuel.
I think I was getting around 36-37 us mpg on my Bings that are due for some TLC.
Plug examination (I should have put in new plugs before left..but didn't??) They look light coloured I think, definitely not dark or sooty.
I did notice when cruising at the above speed that when rolling on and off the throttle to maintain speed, it felt a bit hesitant kinda missing but when I opened the throttle at this speed it would pull strongly.
When I do a cold start, it is hard to warm up, it dies and stumbles when pulling away or accelerating after turning a corner etc. When warmed up it runs… not too bad.
As I mentioned above I have refitted the 30 pilot jet and have the air mixture screw at 1 turns out and the needle set at the second notch up from the bottom (bottom being the pointy end)230 main jet

SOOO….Wot do ya reckon?
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