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Thank you guys!

Originally Posted by ebrabaek View Post
Only thing I can think of is your cam tensioner is not functioning right. It is hydraulically dampening the cam chain with motor oil. As oil gets hotter it gets thinner. The fact the fan is on while doing trail work would not worry me. Did the temp go up??? or was it stable. I have done trail work with mine in the desert at 40 deg. C. with the fan on, and the temp did not move at all. While I have a slight knocking noise, that somewhat diminishes with a pull on the clutch, I have never seen it increase when the motor gets hot. I think the 10-40 is good enough, and would look at perhaps try a new tensioner. There have been a few on here that have theirs replaced due to noise at start up ( which mine does) and it went away with e new CT.

(PS) clutch noise (rattle) is normal, as the plates are loosely rattling inside the basket.
Ok, I will check if I can get a new tensioner. No the water temperature was only one bar higher than normal, so nothing to worry about. When starting the cold engine there is absoluetly no abnormal noise. The strange rattling sound appeared when I reached a farm way leading me out of the tough terrain. I had the engine idling and took my helmet off and noticed this noise. Dunno if it was there while rdiding as I use earplugs. On my way back home I checked several times but everything was fine.

Originally Posted by Robert^ View Post
It could be alot of things. You might best get the opinion of a reputable independent mechanic who services BMW's.
Most probably a good idea
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