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Redline and Beyond

The Roanoke morning was 'Nippy but Nice'. Seems to be the flavor of the day, these days. Can't complain with the rest of the country looking so nasty. The route I laid out to the Yorktown area was filled with beautiful shade tree roads.

One of them had the single hidden pothole that the big Gal had to find.

And WHUMP! Banged thru it and GB went into her bad running routine. Noticeably more vibration thru all ranges.I got to a motel just down the road from Redline, unloaded and gave the girl a well deserved wash at a carwash.

Left her for the full next day for service, tune and tires.

This place has quite a large inventory of awesome bikes.

Picked the bike up at the end of the day with some good news and some bad news. The PR3Trails have quite a different tread pattern and take a bit of getting used to. There was water in the front bearings and I can only hope it came from the pressure wash. They are recommending bearing replacement. The front tires was the cause of my wobble and not the rim. The discs however at warped a bit. Couldn't get rid of the decel pop because one of the two into one points on the exhaust has a leak caused by someone pulling it apart and damaging the gasket. This had to be the factory guy because they have never been apart. It is also something that has been bugging me since I left and I wish they had offered to repair it. Pretty easy fix, by the look of it. Undo the right header and pull out of the clamp, clean out the mess and replace with the proper gasket. Just need to find one. They even said the lower shock tubes have play in them and are recommending seal and bushing rebuild. The ECU remap has the bike running cooler (beneficial for when I get to that hot weather, wherever it is,lol) and smoother thru all ages. I feel it has lost a bit of its raw power that really came on in the higher rev ranges. When I used to rejet carbed bikes for a richer mix I would also notice this loss. But I am sure this is adding longer life to the engine. They found the sync and TPS out of whack so I am really feeling that all it takes is a good smack. not a good thing for a supposed dual sport bike.
Anyways, I hit the road the next day for an enjoyable ride in and out and around all the inlets and rivers south of here.
First stop was Bubba's for brunch.

Then on to Kitty Hawk and Nags Head for sand and kites and a really big fish that some 14 year old kid had caught.

Then some very straight deserted roads for a good 100 miles that BG was happy to rip along at 90 mph.

Then lunch. Picnic tables, side of the road, middle of nowhere. Had my tater salad, water, what have you, packed up, hit the starter and, click, and click, and click, click, click. Nothing.
Got off, pulled everything apart, went thru all the fuses and still nothing. Redline was open, maybe I'll give em a call. service. AT&T, damn you!
I tried to jar the starter with a small bump and still got nothing. Then I did what anybody who has ever owned a beater would do. Whacked the starter. And, lo and behold, it started. Not about to shut it off, I loaded back up and carried on to Washington (the little one) and checked into sleazebag hotel, extraordinaire. This one was waaaay cheap and smelled it. Walked out to the bike and absolutely no starting. Rolled her to in front of the room and unpacked. Got out the tools to find the bottol Allen screw on the Starter motor cover was stripped. GOD! I really need to do all, and I mean all, the work on this bike myself. Luckily again, I had packed a small set of hex sockets and was able to wrangle the mangle outta there. Found slightly dirty grounds on both the bottom and top bolts so I cleaned them up with a scrubby. Then I found the clip on wire from the ignition was off. When I pushed it back on it was rather loose so I squeezed it a bit. Still not real tight but OK for now. I am sure this was the problem and all is good to go. How it got knocked off, I can only speculate.
The adventure continues.
I once was lost but now I' wait, I'm still lost.
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