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Cool2 Thanks...

...for the kind words and feedback. Timberwolf turned out to be a real gem. Hat tip to Stefan and Peter for the discovery on this, I just turned the stop into a photography workshop, and we were delighted to park there for the night. The glider guy we met on top seems like a regular, and we encountered a few 4x4s making pilgrammage to the mountaintop. So it seems like a good local hidey-hole, so to speak.

On the camera front, both Mike and I carry a Canon S100 for quick shooting on the bike. It slips into a gear pocket easily, shoots RAW, and carries good vibrancy and sharpness. I also use a Canon 50D with 17-40L lens + polarizer for when I'm off the bike and can walk around. Both camera types were used in the above posts, and you'll see the mix again in the Table Mountain sequence coming up next.

Frankly, the real key to both the Timberwolf and Table Mountain series of photos - we arrived as the sun was going down, and the light was just magical.
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