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By looking at all the action on the internet and people talking about their adventures with Airheads you'd think there was a Gazillion of us. Apparently not so. I ride my R90/6 five or six times a week. I never see another Airhead. When I'm driving, witch I do for a living, I see an Airhead about 4 times a year, on the road. I know where a couple more are parked.

30 years ago the Washington, DC metro area was full of Airheads and it appeared this was one of the hot spots for BMW. Now, there are just not that many except the ones that stay in the garage. A lot of Oilies though and K bikes have replaced them.

I think a little further South of here is a little bit better for spotting Airheads. There's recently been a lot of talk from the riders around Atlanta.
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