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I'm sure there are some bubbling noises - could be coolant, couldbe oil? It;s a sump and oil tank system, so there are return lines just as with the radiator. I don't recall hearing anything unusual(bubbling) coming from my 950A. . . .

Yes, let the bike warm up and idle, set it on level (either hold it or place it on the center stand - if on the center stand, the front wants to sit a bit higher, so I compensate by placing a small wedge under the wheel to even it out) and then shut her off. Unscrew the dipstick, wipe it off,screw it back in (all the way), and then screw it back out, noticing where the oil "marks" on the dipstick (best to be between High and Low marks).
You don't have to wait for the oil to settle down into the sump/pan - I suppose it wouldn't hurt to wait 30 seconds, but that is not what the manual states.

Seriously, use some Seafoam fuel additive for the fuel system. You can buy it at almost any auto parts store , WalMart, etc. It's about $10., and worth it! Read the ratio on the back, and don't be afraid to go a bit strong! If it hasn't been cleaned in many, many miles, you may notice a little smoke (exhaust) nowe and then as it is cleaning up carbon and fuel varnish deposits, etc. Normal.
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