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Originally Posted by Duckdog View Post
Hi this is my first post so hello and here goes! I am looking at buying a new bike. I let my klr 650 go a little bit ago manly because i want something that can do two up highway riding easy and also have fun off road. I was looking forward to test riding one of these bikes this week but after reading the "Has BMW worked the bugs out of the 800 by now?" thread i am thinking these things might not be worth the money. I feel that for what this bike cost you should be able to get a bike the is pretty darn reliable and is mostly sorted out. I am open to any advice about the bike and any other options.
you still can buy an older model that has been farkled up or that has done the recalls.

That bike is amazing and people just post to say what happend to them. It's easier to blame than to congratulate. I have mine for 4 month now, did put 13000kms on it in 3 month and would buy one again in a heart beat. It's amazing to see what you can do with this bike.

If you buy the bike new you'll have the 3 year warrenty, and believe me it's more than enough and BMW don't hesitate to replace stuff that must been replaced under warrenty.

If you're starting to overthink the whole process than it's over mate.if you like a bike (not only a f800gs), test ride it, buy it and never look back.

We are here to share our experience, post solutions to problems and so on but at the end why would you let the decision of buying a bike to a a bunch of people that you don't know, won't see and for most of them are spending more time on this forum than out there riding.

Before Internet and all this stuff you didn't look days and weeks one the aptitudes and problems of a bike, you went to your dealer, rode it and bought it.

just my 0.02cts mate but this decision is yours, listn' to your rider heart and don't look back.

if you have complains just open a thread and join the others, if you don't have them, than go out there, ride and come back with nice pics and a ride report.


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