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Continuing on day one:

Shady Valley is a nice looking farming community with big level fields and the mountains rising up abruptly in the background. Good area to go ride and like I mentioned in earlier posts, this is OK for you to ride since it's in TN but avoid the awful stuff in NC

Hay is being harvested for cattle:

On beyond Shady Valley on 133, and prior to Damascus VA, we come across "Backbone" Rock. This is a curious rock formation that the road goes through. It appears to be 60-70 feet high but very narrow as the tunnel is not more than 20 feet long I guess. Here is a sampling of shots taken by mtngal:

We arrive in Damascus VA and this little town is famous fro all it's trail crossing's here like the Virginia Creeper and yes...the AT and others. The Creeper and the train on it was a rail section from I think Abingdon to Whitetop Mountain. It is a popular bicycle and hike now. The trestles are still in place and provide trail users some really awesome views. Here are a few shots from town:

We were ready for food:

I am a lucky guy! Oh, and these breakfast wraps hit the spot!

Rolling east out of Damascus on 58, which we followed a lot for several days, we see samples of VA farmland:

We make a few detours on our way east toward Whitetop Mountain and the Whitetop Community. Since I have bicycled the Creeper several times, I decided to show mtngal some of the train stations along the trail. Here is Green Cove Station, now a gift shop and store for the bicyclists:


Another detour off 58 up Whitetop Road just to see the sights:

Ye ole' buckeye. Keep one in your pocket for good luck but very poisonous to any type of cattle and hoofed stock:

Back on 58 and east bound:

The Grayson Highlands are beautiful any time of year:

mtngal ws wonderin' about how these folks did with their spelling "B's". Nottoo good I guess

About this time, we start passin' all these Mazda Miata's....we must have passed dozen's of them...dozens and dozens! We passed more of them than you'd see Harley's going to a hog rally

Sheep and cattle farming:

How about Alpaca farming!

Maybe something different like Christmas Tree farming!

How about Miata Farming??

More Christmas Trees: Peaceful looking farm....

Ok, need a break from this........
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