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Originally Posted by hardwaregrrl View Post
So, these carbs are pissing me off. I'm returning 27mpg, not riding the bike much differently. I've been told mikuni doesn't list rich to lean on jet needles, and my needle jet is a Q2, theyre are 13 leaner needle jets. How many should I get? I cannot believe that I know people with VMs that are getting over 40mpg. Main jet is 155 now, pilot is 20 1 turn out, can't change the cutaway. What the fuck....yeah I spelled it out. I'm sick of this shit. I hate my Bings but they may be going back on. Any advice beside smart ass shit.....? I'm serious....don't poke the bear.
ihave the one on my signature that its a hair too rich. the next leaner one is in the mail. i am certain that it would work if the air density was higher here. try that one. i am getting the two next richer pilot jetts too ... reading sparkplugs is easy . chocolate color is what you want. my mainn is dialed in as far i can tell. top rmp top gear full open = chocolate. running around town is darker and getting 45 mpg. but i am riding like an asshole too.
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