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Originally Posted by tvbh40a View Post
Great report and wonderful pictures. I picked up 'Great Heart' after reading your rr around Labrador and now I see that ride in my future. The book was an interesting read, tough people and the ultimate sacrifice. Thanks again. If you have any pointers on anything you would do different or what you missed and would have seen in Lab, let me know. I see a July 18, 2013 departure date penciled on my calendar.
Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. And congrats - nothing like have a departure date on the calendar. Hrm...what would I do differently in Labrador. Given two or three more days, I'd probably have spent a day in one of the towns along the southeast coast of Labrador and spend at least an hour or two watching icebergs float by; maybe a day (or at least a few more hours) to wander around Lab City and/or Churchill Falls; and an additional day or two to wander around Newfoundland's northern peninsula - lots of interesting looking roads and tiny towns up there.

Originally Posted by DarkRider View Post
Beacon of manhood? Dude that's a title reserved for 1150GSA riders...

But seriously, amazingly well done RR!
Thanks, brother. Yeah, "beacon of manhood." I couldn't shake the words from the minivan driver north of Prince George. It's likely the most off-the-wall compliment I've ever received from a stranger, but worth holding on to.

Originally Posted by Parcero View Post
What an inspiring ride report! The pictures are fantastic. This trip is now officially on my bucket list for next year.
Thanks, Parcero. I couldn't ask for a higher compliment than "inspiring."
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