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This looks like a nice fix and I was about to ask if Frank made a batch of 'em.

Reading the thread further, sounds like the trade off is that though they still pivot, no folding back. I've got a traction and balance shortcoming that too frequently leads to kissing mother earth so may not be just right for my riding style.

Seems like a good approach though, maybe I can build on it.

fwiw - broke 4 metatarsals in some Santiago's. Walked around with 3 non union (no heal) for a couple of years (yes, I didn't give them enough time) before going back to Dr. Got 2 back together non surgical but big toe is 1/2" shorter and titanium reinforced. Crossfires in the dirt these days.

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I thought I would ask Frank the fabricator if he could make me some adapters so that I could once again use the Pivot Pegz. This is what he came up with...

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