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AWD please!!
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Originally Posted by Todd34 View Post
I finally had a chance to get out and about with CJ's tank. It's good to go. Mine holds 1.8 gallons and I like that it attaches to the old exhaust canister mounts. The only thing I don't like is how the gas sight tube stretches. I cut off about 1/2" this weekend because it stretched and it looks like I need to do it again. I'll probably just plug the holes and be done with it.

The Ethanol Added to the Fuel will do that. It will stop over time, as I have the same system on my Alum AWD tanks. Pull it tight, then cut it. I am testing some new line currently that is suppose to be better for this. But Ethanol is the problem and now they are talking about upping it to 15%- Wonderful.
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