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Originally Posted by cbig View Post
Always check simple stuff..switches then wires. You said you fell. Which side? Good indicator of a short happened. Also when in doubt check with mcma111. He knows these bikes well and from threads I've read rebuilt several. You might have twisted some wires off in your fall.
Good luck.
Yea, i've been reading a few other topics that he has is mitts into. I myself and a total dunce when it comes to electrical stuff, so I personally dont see how checking a switch is simple... Just beyond me is all im saying. Thanks!

My solution:
As to my solution, I did unplug the wire going from the starter button, to the dimmer switch.
What I did was just unplugged the Blue/White connector from the dimmer switch side of the harness altogether. Then tapped the connector off with electrical tape. So far it is working, but I thought I had this issue figured out before, so I am not getting throwing down my happy dance just yet. However, thanks to Walter's help, I believe this will solve my issue. If I were using the stock headlight, this would do nothing for me. Being that I do have an aftermarket headlight setup, this is a solution....

Will come back to this thread after a few more rides, and give a final update. Thanks again to everyone who helped out!!!!
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