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I started hooking my Acewell 2853 up to my 1978 R80/7 today. it all went fairly well. My wire colors don't match what's been noted so far, but i think I've got it worked out.

My layout is:

Acewell--------------funtion----------------- BMW
orange-------------- turnsignal -------------new wire from signal
light green--------- high beam ------------ white
light blue -----------haz/Brake fluid -------blue/brown
purple--------------- nuetral ---------------- brown/black
gray -----------------oil pressure----------- brown/green
white ---------------- turn signal ----------- new wire from signal
black ----------------ground -----------------brown
brown --------------clock power -----------new wire to battery
red ------------------speedo ilumination---gray/black
blue --------------- fuel ---------------------- no match
yellow ------------- tach --------------------- black

left over bmw wires:
black/white - capped and using the new individual wires


I used the blue and blue/green as described in craydds' sketch below except i didn't wire into the acewell red, but the warning light I bought didn't come on... everything else appears to work though, so i'm wondering if i just got the wrong light.

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