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Fuel Pump & Filter

Maybe I should have put this with the other, "My fuel pump has crapped out" threads, but figured they were getting a bit top heavy.
On a recent epic trip across Australia (which ended in Shitsville BTW) the bike started having the usual failing fuel pump symptoms, as the day wore on and warmed up the bike would start cutting out, this got worse as the days wore on until the bike became unrideable.
Then I binned it on a crappy bit of track in Far North Queensland, got a ride with the Flying Doctor and the bike was trucked home. This saved me from worrying about it until now.
(It's an ill wind eh?)
I ordered a new pump from these guys
It duly arrived and I set to work removing the old one & fitting the new.
A touch of heat from the heat gun is required to remove the convoluted hose from the old pump.
It was then that I had the bright idea to backflush the filter with petrol.
You would not believe the amount of crap that came out of that filter!
It took about 2 litres of petrol poured through it before it ran clean.
Now this is a bike that has done 50,000km on relatively good quality, non ethanol, clean, dry Aussie fuel.
The filter is not available as a separate part (it's a Mahle KL315) but only as part of the pump assembly which goes for between $500 and $800, depending where you buy it.
I am thinking that the fuel pump overheating / dying may be a result of trying to push fuel through this undersized, blocked filter.
Who ever heard of a fuel filter which is expected to last the life of the bike, no matter what sludge is served up to it?
Only bloody BMW.
Right now I am putting the flushed out filter back in, but next on my list of things to spend money on with this crack whore of a bike is an aftermarket, inline, outside the tank filter from a Holden (Chevvy to you Yanks) or somesuch easy to find, cheap source.
I will remove the in-tank filter. This is easy as the existing filter mounts on a spigot which will take the hose from the pump.

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