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Don't get me wrong...... I am considering changing to 20/50 next oil change, which for me is about 12000 miles....... But I live in the hot desert southwest US. I have switched on my HP thumper, as it originally was spec'ed by Suzuki for 10/40, but is now running a high ester 20/50. Rather than turning this into another oil thread.......... Perhaps leaving out the brand will be a good idea, thus focusing on the OP question, will set this threads aside, as not being an .....grrrrr.... oil thread. The thicker oil can benefit your engine, as the gearbox in these "smaller" motored machines, tends to beat the snot out of the polymers..... Literally shearing them, in a very short time. The lube properties then diminish it's effectiveness. Thicker high ester oils can sort of delay that shearing. I have used 10/40 full synthetic since 3000 miles, ans after each oil change ( 3000 miles) it only takes a few hundred miles, and I can feel the gear shift being clunkier....notchier....etc. That does NOT mean that the oil is not doing it's job lubing the motor, as this is a clunky shifting engine.... But in reality, if the engine shifts great cold, and with a hotter running engine, specially trail side work, it begins to shift harder, then imho.....onward towards a thicker oil. I will say that this is perhaps not a solution to all, specially living in cold climates, but in the hot desert i do believe this is the case. All that said......As stated earlier, I dont think this is related to your issue. Shifting to the thicker oil should not affect your engine as drastically, as yours, with the knocking/rattling, as you describe. If you do switch, just watch the behavior in cold temperatures, as the oil is used in the tensioner. Listen to the behavior of the engine....... It will tell you a lot, but if your symthoms goes away with the 20/50......have at it.......imho....

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