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A couple of people have sent me a recent news story on Detroit.

"The Detroit Police is admitting that they are grossly understaffed and can no longer keep the city safe. In fact, they are actaully warning people that they believe the city has become too dangerous to enter. The Detroit Police Department would like the public know that the explosion in violent crime has turned the city into a war zone that they can no longer police. Their “Enter At Your Own Risk” rally was meant to inform the public that the officers have become fearful for their own lives, which they blame on an epidemic level of violence caused by budget cuts and a grossly understaffed police force.

Detroit has become one of the most dangerous cities in the world with one of the highest homicide rates in the country. (Flint is actually #1 by a small margin.)

I assure you that Detroit PD is not the only PD in the nation working 12 hour shifts (or any hour shifts!) that is understaffed. I'm from Detroit and yes, it's hell. The MASS corruption in that city turned it into what it is more than anything else. Chicago is quickly following.
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