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Originally Posted by Steveman View Post
Concerning the oil, well I worked for a company distributing oil and I even importet racing oils, so I know a bit about it. I wonder why an engine should be less noisier using a 15/40 instead of a 10/40. The "10" or "15" indicates the cold viscosity meaning both oils are as thin or thick at 100 C. No difference there...
Thank you all!
I was just generalizing, and trying not to anger the oil thread gods. It's the heavier base stock and the more stable 20/50 doing the work here.

I was doing the drains at full temp. It's pretty wild how thin 10/40 gets after 1000 miles. So thin that I had to slide the drain pan out further from the bike to catch it!

I agree with ebrabaek's observations. It was the internal sounds and shifting changes of the engine on hot days that led me to try thicker oil.

OK. No more oil talk.
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