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Will this vent work for a paralever?

I'd love to have one of those breather tube assemblies if you have any left and if they will fit on my bike! Pleeeease.

Also, I noticed some were worried about condensation build up and were routing the tube to just a higher spot, but wouldn't it be better to route that tube (and, I'd personally like to vent the tranny's speedo port as well) to the airbox?

And I had wondered about higher intakes as well (sorry for the off topic, saw the subject had come up earlier), the stock one seems perfectly poised to suck in water as soon as it gets over the block. I was thinking of making a mold of the stock cover, adding a tube to run up under the tank, and doing one up in carbon fiber, but it looks like Paul's bike has an aluminum tube. Is there a kit on the market already, or is that one of the many custom Rooney bits?
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