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The rain finally returned to Oregon after almost four months of glorious sunshine and with that the projects will start moving mostly indoors. This whole summer has been devoted to getting the house, shop and honey do's into a manageable state with an eye on next season. Although it will probably take another couple of years to get the shop really dialed in, took another small step forward this weekend, building a HD work bench to accomodate metal working tools and creating a storage space underneath to house welders, torches, sandblaster, etc.

Here is a before picture, lots of %$#^&*%#!!! clutter;

Another view;

After building a HD bench, still planning to make a backstop and cover with metal and also wiring in 220 for the welders, etc.;

Lots of room on top for the mill and perhaps a heavy vise, after this picture was taken moved the rest of metal working tools underneath. My wife came out to see what I wa sup to, her first comment was "will the motor home still fit in the shop?" DOH! A quick measurement of the shop width and motorhome indicates that with care, it will still slide in (just barely ) WHEW!
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