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Yeah well, it just was a comment to avoid misunderstandings. There is nothing more boring than oil threads. Except tire threads

I also fully agree with ebrabaek, the wider viscosity is spread the easier the oil gets sheared and cheap stuff can deteriorate from 10/60 to a 10/30 within short time. However, using only expensive and well known oil brands I really experienced that noise was reduced with 10/60 compared to 10/40, especially my Yam 1000 engine was very noisy when hot and this was remarkably better with 10/60.
I also experienced the gear shifting getting clunky as described and this could be cured by use of Motul 10/60 ester oil.

I will not change the oil now as it is getting colder and colder every day and we only had about 40 F (5 C) this morning, meaning that I prefer to use my car But when it is getting warmer I will ask the BMW guys to use thicker oil next time (the bike is still under warrenty)... Dont expect the engine to fall apart, at least not as long it is under warrenty
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