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Originally Posted by SlowJoefromBako View Post
This will be my first labv. Im looking forword to navigating with a roll chart for the first time. my question is the odometer on my 990 is not resetable by tenths. So if at any point I get off course there will be no way of getting my mileage and the roll chart to line up again?. Is this going to be a problem? I would really like to fallow the roll chart insted of following the yellow brick road on the gps.

i've had the same issue back when i rode a KLR650...

use your GPS as an odo.

as for the rollchart. i glance at it as i come to turns or certain areas for warnings/wash outs/etc but i use the GPS probably 90% of the time.

i've had to do the math when i had to backtrack and while annoying it's doable.

also, you are constantly resetting your odo on the ride. probably every 5 or 10 miles is a reset.
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